Frequently Asked Questions

The business magazine Recycling International is published 8 times a year, both the January and February issues and June and July issues are combined. Each issue is read by some 33,000 people working in around 7000 of the world’s largest recycling companies.

Recycling International is an independent magazine engaged in reporting on the latest and most prominent global recycling news and issues. Our writers, who have vast experience of the recycling industry, follow the scrap markets on a daily basis and, over many years, have built strong relationships with individuals, companies, institutions, government bodies and associations central to the recycling sector. Since its launch in 1998, Recycling International has grown to become an indispensable source of information and reference for long-established companies as well as new entrants to the recycling sector. Recycling International is also made available at leading recycling trade shows and exhibitions around the world. Combining a plain English writing style with a modern layout, Recycling International is an easy read for both native speakers and for people who do not have English as a first language. So if you want to remain up to date with what’s happening in the world of recycling, a subscription to Recycling International is the perfect solution.
If you have a news item or feature idea which you wish to submit for consideration by our editorial team, please send this to or directly to one of our members of staff. Press releases are always welcomed by the editorial team although, of course, the subject matter must fall within the magazine’s remit.

Recycling International focuses its editorial coverage on the wide range of globally-traded recyclables, including all types of scrap metal, recovered paper grades, plastics and rubber. We also cover specific material streams including, for example, the recovery of recyclables from automotive scrap and electrical/electronic appliances. We also report on recycling companies, equipment manufacturers, international legislation, industry statistics, recycling conferences and exhibitions, developments in recycling technology, and any other issues of relevance to the recycling sector. We follow the globally operating recycling industry closely and will report on all important trends.

Because Recycling International is a worldwide publication, shipping costs are relatively high compared to magazines with a purely domestic base. To ensure quick delivery by plane rather than by ship, we ask our readers for this annual contribution. Furthermore, it guarantees our advertisers that readers of Recycling International are truly dedicated to the magazine.

The only independent publication dedicated to coverage of the global recycling industry, Recycling International can be found on the desks of decision-makers within the world’s largest recycling companies and organisations. The magazine is an ideal means of communicating with this specialist readership. Please continue reading for more information on our advertising page.



Our daily-updated Internet magazine features the latest news from the recycling arena - as well as additional subscriber content. It offers a truly global review of latest developments affecting all the main scrap commodities. Our strong ties with the world’s largest recycling firms, associations and knowledge hubs, combined with  high search engine rankings, guarantee a large number of visitors every day. The editorial scope of is the same as that of Recycling International, in which the biggest news items and issues of the moment are reflected.

Visit our contact page if you have a general enquiry, our team page for individual questions, or Judith Wanjala for advertising-related queries.