Product News

independent , Feb 03, 2017
After a thorough development phase, Austrian manufacturer STAUSS Recyclinganlagen GmbH is presenting the new mobile container sorting system of the type 2020 – which is much larger than before.
independent , Dec 16, 2016
Whether you’re talking about food packaging, plastic film, fuel tanks, detergent bottles or containers for cleaning agents, the regranulate from these products often has an unpleasant odour. Keenly aware of this issue, Starlinger set about devising a solution.
independent , Nov 18, 2016
Macpresse has created the new MAC 110/2 series of multi-material balers baling many different types of materials, such as plastics, paper, biomasses and refuse-derived fuel.
independent , Nov 11, 2016
Steinert has introduced the LSS laser sorting system, which enables the separation of aluminium alloys from each other using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS).
independent , Sep 29, 2016
Lefort has expanded its equipment portfolio with the addition of the new Multi Product 800 Shredder. It was especially designed to mill scrap metal before sorting and recycling, which is a solution that has become 'indispensible' to scrap recyclers everywhere.
independent , Sep 23, 2016
A new launch from Impact Solutions of Scotland is said to offer a low-cost mechanical means of separating mixed polyolefin-rich plastics in nothing more than water. BOSS (short for baffled oscillation separation system) is the name given to this patented solution, of which the first full-scale commercial rig is now operational at a recycling plant near London.
independent , Sep 23, 2016
Metal theft, fraud and budget cuts are real issues faced by scrap yard operators on practically a daily basis and so US company ScrapCash has released an ATM that eliminates the need for a cashier, thus potentially saving operations up to US$ 45 000 every year.
independent , Sep 12, 2016
Meet DAISY. One could argue that it’s an unusual name for a recycling plant - and it has an unusual purpose too, namely separating coins from bottom ash. The system has been designed by GS Industrie Elektronik and built in partnership with fellow German firm Jöst.
independent , Sep 12, 2016
A decade and a half after the launch of its MAC/1 baling press series, Macpresse has now premiered its MAC/2 multi-material baler range.
independent , Aug 26, 2016
Swedish equipment manufacturer Redoma Recycling has released the Electrostatic Separation System for separating plastics and metals down to particles measuring less than 0.1 mm in size, resulting in material of 99% purity.