Product News

Mack Manufacturing has developed an orange peel grab which is intended to help scrap and steel processors handle bigger loads. The five-tined OPSISCH-350-5 is a completely self-contained electric drive unit capable of getting a hold of any type of material ranging up to three metres in size.
SPECTRO Analytical Instruments has released its newest generation of SPECTROTEST mobile metal analysers, all of which come with an efficient plasma generator and a cutting-edge UV probe.
Case Construction is releasing a new C Series Excavator, encompassing three models suited to tackling larger jobs. Equipped with technologies including the Case Intelligent Hydraulic System, the re-designed engines and hydraulics are managed in an intelligent manner, thus greatly reducing fuel consumption while boosting lift capacity by 6%, according to the manufacturer.
The latest addition to its range of optical sorters, the SORTEX E1C from Bühler is said to set new standards in hygiene, precision sorting and consistent yield for, notably, the food processing industry - although it is also capable of separating over- or under-sized nuts and removing wires from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) residue.
Northshore Manufacturing has made several enhancements to its Builtrite 2100-SE Stationary Electric Material Handlers, including a more energy-efficient 75 HP electric motor as well as a more spacious cab offering greater visibility.
Eldan Recycling has established a new system which enables recyclers to process whole car and truck tyres - including super singles, earth-mover tyres and OTR - into reusable rubber granulate, powder and clean steel wire. The tyre recycling system can process up to 6 tyres per hour of typically 3-4 metres in diameter and with a weight of about 4-6 tons per tyre.
After a long period of development, Spanish company Felemamg recently launched its new transversal eddy current separator for very fine-grained non-ferrous metals.
Described as a world first, a reverse vending machine for light bulbs has been developed as a result of a joint co-operation of Revend Recycling of the UK and Repant of Norway. According to the manufacturers, the reverse vending recycling machine can be delivered with an optional add-on unit for the collection and recycling of batteries.