Product News

Belgium-based Visys, which specialises in expert vision systems, has released a smaller version of the Cayman optical sorter.
German manufacturer MeWa Recycling Maschinen und Anlagenbau has incorporated a number of new features into its UG series of granulators, for which the areas of application include the processing of paper, aluminium profiles, cables, electric motors, oil filters and tyres.
Caterpillar has devised a new waste handler configuration for its M318D MH, designed to achieve good productivity in work areas with limited space, whether overhead or adjacent to the machine.
Expanding its portfolio of heavy industrial tools, Italian recycling equipment supplier Euromec has launched an all-new shear on to the market - the KNA 1600. Enhanced features make it suitable for use with ‘lighter than usual’ excavators, according to the company.
In expanding its product portfolio with the Rotacrex R 1200, German grinding and disposal equipment specialist bomatic has come up with a machine featuring eight durable steel hammers that, it is claimed, ‘shatter any material within seconds’.
With the recent release of the BEST Slidex sorter, Belgian manufacturer BEST Sorting has created a new generation of technologically-advanced sorting machines which are said to ‘inspect products in free fall’.
In launching Recycling Operations Manager (ROM), 21st Century Programming is making available a software tailor-made to cover all aspects of recycling companies’ shipping activities.
Mack Manufacturing has developed an orange peel grab which is intended to help scrap and steel processors handle bigger loads. The five-tined OPSISCH-350-5 is a completely self-contained electric drive unit capable of getting a hold of any type of material ranging up to three metres in size.