Product News

After a long period of development, Spanish company Felemamg recently launched its new transversal eddy current separator for very fine-grained non-ferrous metals.
Described as a world first, a reverse vending machine for light bulbs has been developed as a result of a joint co-operation of Revend Recycling of the UK and Repant of Norway. According to the manufacturers, the reverse vending recycling machine can be delivered with an optional add-on unit for the collection and recycling of batteries.
A new generation of mobile roll compactors for paper and plastics has been introduced by German multi-disciplinary manufacturer Welger Recycling Engineering. The RC650 and RC655 work with many different, cleanly-sorted packaging materials: for example, re-expanding waste can be reduced down to around 10% of its original volume.
Machinery manufacturer Seltek has introduced the 3000Turbo - a cable recycling system which is claimed to produce excellent results with fine insulated wire scrap. According to the Italian producer of the ‘Stokkermill’ brand of recycling equipment, the compact granulator is capable of shredding and separating large quantities of cable with a high operating efficiency.
It can be a costly business for scrap firms when metal fragments damage the tyres of vehicles operating in the yard. To this end, Eriez Magnetics Europe has developed a Magnetic Sweeper which, once attached to a vehicle tow bar, uses its high-strength magnetic field to pick up and hold nails, wire, welding rod ends, bolts, ferrous chips and all kinds of potentially damaging pieces of metal - all in one sweep.
Netherlands based Goudsmit Magnetic Systems recently built a 1500 mm wide Eddy Current separator on a mobile SKID. These mobile separation systems are particularly suitable for local reprocessing of domestic waste incineration slag, as well as wood and rubble recycling and shredder residue.
By the end of 2010, German manufacturer WEIMA introduced its new universal shredder Spider 1500 for the first time. Now, the German manufacturer has extended its product range with the new models Spider 1000 and Spider 2000.
The new handheld sorter X-MET7000 has the largest colour touch-screen display and longest battery life available on the market, according to Oxford Instruments, the UK manufacturer of analytical instruments.