Product News

Italy-based scrap shear-baler manufacturer Sierra Europe will deliver its first inclined shear - the Sierra Hawk 715 LS - in 2012. Weighing in at more than 60 tonnes, the shear has a 715-tonne shearing force while its flipper boasts a 200-tonne pushing force to help in processing mixed and light material.
The Extractor in-line magnet from S+S Separation and Sorting Technology has been developed for plastics industry applications to protect extruders as well as injection and blow moulding machines.
Using its experience in electric cable recycling, Guidetti of Italy has created a line for recycling radiators from cars, household appliances and air/liquid industrial coolers with a capacity ranging from 400 to 1200 kg per hour.
TDL, the distributor for Atlas and Terex, has unveiled the Atlas 340LCi - a 42-tonne-class materials handler combining the upper structure of the Atlas 350MH materials handler with the tracked undercarriage from its 340LC excavator. The new machine is said to offer significant operational and financial benefits, including a very large working envelope, exceptional stability, low ground-bearing pressure and excellent manoeuvrability. Its compact 3.2-metre-wide by 4.8-metre footprint is said to compare favourably with the 4.5 metres by 5.5 metres needed to deploy the outriggers on a wheeled machine of equivalent size.
When shredded tyres are subjected to a separation process using a standard overband magnetic separator, the extracted iron still carries a high proportion of rubber remnants. In a bid to solve this problem, Cogelme of Italy has developed a separator specifically suited to perform this task automatically, delivering clean iron and clean steel in a single, short pass.
Akros Henschel has presented a new generation of 600-tonne press-wing shears at the Nouvelles Matières Premières symposium in its home country of France. The units combine an innovative design with improved performance characteristics, claims the Grenoble-based company.
In response to a growing requirement for hard drive, digital device and digital media destruction options in the USA, Cresswood Shredding Machinery has unveiled the ‘DigiMax Destroyer’ Hard Drive Shredder. Designed for higher-volume processing, the heavy-duty DigiMax can completely shred up to 600 hard drives per hour down to a particle size that will meet e-cycler preferences and secure destruction requirements, according to the company.
The Simetal EAF Quantum electric arc furnace from Siemens is said to combine tried-and-tested elements of pre-heating furnace technology with a number of new developments. These include a new scrap charging process, an efficient pre-heating system, a new tilting concept for the lower shell and, in addition, an optimised tapping system.