Product News

US-based Winkle Industries has introduced a new series of ‘OptiCon’ magnet controllers and unveiled a new ‘LiftTrax’ maintenance programme.
Compared to its predecessor, the redesigned MHL 340D Fuchs material handler offers scrap operators the ability to lift higher, reach farther and work faster, according to Terex Fuchs.
Wendt Corp., the US-based recycling machinery manufacturer, has introduced a new line of 130 HEAVY automobile shredders.Thanks in part to a heavier construction, fully-bevelled welds and interlocking fabrication, the new shredder line is capable of processing 300 tonnes per hour with surges of 400 tonnes.
Vecoplan’s new RTR Series shredders are specifically designed for processing pre-shredded tyres.
Major Wire Industries (MWI) has developed a new application designed to eliminate blinding and pegging problems on flat-surface screen decks.
Parts supplier Dana has developed drive-shafts specifically engineered for 6000 to 7000 HP shredder motors.
German manufacturer S+S Separation and Sorting Technology has unveiled the modular Varisort Compact sorting system for use with loose bulk materials.
Accent Wire from the US has begun installing the EnviroBale System for solid waste baling applications.