Product News

Recycling equipment manufacturer Automation Research & Development (ARD) has introduced the SS-10 to the recycling down-stroke baler market.
LYNXS Shredder Technology of the UK has become the first shredder manufacturer to incorporate the world’s largest magnetic drum technology into its scrap metal recycling plants.
Eriez has launched an improved design for its range of Deep Reach magnetic separators.
Ancillary equipment producer Piovan of Italy has launched a system for recycling blank disks, sprues and the non-metallised disks in computers.The system consists of a set of conveyor belts for reject collection and feeding, a granulator, a blower/cyclone conveying system, a de-dusting system and a metal separation unit.
A single press of a mobile phone button can now yield real-time metal price updates from the LME thanks to a new development from Dutch software firm Metalradar.
Germany’s Spectro presents its next generation of Spectrolab stationary metal analysers, which have been equipped with a new hybrid optic, a new readout system and an advanced plasma generator.
S+S Inspection Inc., the US manufacturer of optical sorting technology, has launched its new Spektrum high-resolution optical colour sorter.
US-based manufacturer of hand-held X-ray fluorescence (XRF) alloy analysis instrumentation Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.