Product News

Compared to its predecessor, the redesigned MHL 340D Fuchs material handler offers scrap operators the ability to lift higher, reach farther and work faster, according to Terex Fuchs.
Parts supplier Dana has developed drive-shafts specifically engineered for 6000 to 7000 HP shredder motors.
US-based Winkle Industries has introduced a new series of ‘OptiCon’ magnet controllers and unveiled a new ‘LiftTrax’ maintenance programme.
US manufacturer of pneumatic and electro-pneumatic controls ControlAir Inc.
German recycling machinery manufacturer Hellweg Maschinenbau has debuted its RC 180 granulator for processing the continuous strips generated by the production of cast films and plastic-coated paper sheeting.The RC 180 is connected directly by flange to an extraction pipe through which the edge strips are removed free of wear by vacuum from the point of generation and conveyed to a double-blade rotor for cutting between rotor and stator blades.
Accent Wire from the US has begun installing the EnviroBale System for solid waste baling applications.
The US Shredder and Castings Group and Toratec Recycling Solutions have launched a new version of the EcoSort Metal Separator - a 120-inch (305 cm) machine designed to process stainless and non-ferrous metals.
Herbold Meckesheim has introduced a new ZSR series shredder for processing large-diameter reject pipes.