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May 04, 2016
More actresses and models are turning to eco-fashion when attending red carpet events. This week, UK star Emma Watson was declared the belle of the an...

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Textiles , Jan 05, 2016
Clothing recycler American Textile Recycling Service (ATRS) - which was founded in 2001 and provides free textile recycling solutions in 10 states - has acquired a 21 000-square-foot textiles and shoe collection facility in Indianapolis for an undisclosed sum.
Textiles , Oct 14, 2015
According to international chemicals group Solvay, construction of its industrial-scale facility for the recycling of technical textile waste from post-industrial sources is right on schedule. The plant at Gorzów in Poland is set to be fully operational in 2016.
Textiles , Aug 07, 2015
Researchers at Deakin University in the Australian state of Victoria have found a way to separate blends of cotton-polyester material, hailing this as 'a major breakthrough' for recycling textile and other waste.
Textiles , Aug 05, 2015
Consumers can now drop off unwanted clothing or shoes at Levi’s stores all around the USA, it has announced. The fashion brand will take back items of any brand in the hope of 'empowering individuals to make better, earth-friendly choices'.
Textiles , Jun 04, 2015
Immediate action is required to counter claims that a 'hidden' used clothing industry is 'largely responsible for the demise of textile production in some parts of Africa', it was asserted by the BIR textiles division’s general delegate Alan Wheeler at the world recycling organisation's recent convention in Dubai.
Textiles , Apr 30, 2015
Garment manufacturer The North Face is to expand its 'Clothes The Loop' recycling programme to all of its retail and outlet stores in the USA. The company will simultaneously launch an in-store and social media campaign to encourage consumers to recycle unwanted apparel and footwear 'from any brand in any condition'.
Textiles , Feb 23, 2015
The textiles recycling market is showing no signs of turning for the better and prices could continue to fall given ongoing pressure from, for example, cheap clothing of Chinese origin, delegates have suggested at the annual general meeting of the UK Textile Recycling Association (TRA).
Textiles , Jan 22, 2015
When one thinks of pineapples, one usually doesn't think past an Hawaiian pizza or a nice fruit salad. Spanish firm Ananas Anam is challenging that narrow view by designing Piñatex - an innovative, natural and sustainable non-woven textile.
Textiles , Feb 04, 2014
Glamour was heavily accessorised with sustainability on the catwalk at last week's Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014.
Textiles , Jan 08, 2014
Last year, a total of 107 000 tonnes of old carpet was reused, recycled and recovered in the UK - an all-time record that equates to an increase of 22 000 tonnes (21%) over 2012, according to non-profit organisation Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK).