Operation Green Fence

Dramatic fall in China's plastic scrap imports

China: Chinese manufacturers consumed some 13.6 million tonnes of plastic scrap in 2013 - a drop of 14.5% when compared to the 16 million tonnes of the previous year, according to media reports quoting Jason Wang, general secretary of China Scrap Plastics Association.

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'Green Fence' to extend into late November

China: China's 'Operation Green Fence', initiated in February this year to monitor more closely the quality and integrity of secondary materials received from Europe and North America in particular, will run until November 25, it has been announced.

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Plastics experts assess 'Green Fence' impact

United States: China's widely-discussed 'Operation Green Fence' saw the rejection of 55 scrap transactions and 7600 tonnes of materials from the USA in its first three months, a panel of plastics specialists confirmed at a recent webinar for the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI).

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UK paper buyers underline quality threat

United Kingdom: 'Less plastics, cans and other material,' declared Nick Watson, senior accounts manager for ACN Europe in calling for a badly-needed change in the quality of the UK's recovered paper and cardboard exports. Speaking at the recent Resource Association Conference about the consequences of contamination, he insisted China will make decisions by the end of the year about who will be its business partners.

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'Green Fence' barrier to China's plastic imports

China: China's 'Green Fence' clampdown on incoming scrap materials contributed to a 5.5% reduction in plastics waste imports during the first four months of the year, according to figures from the country's General Administration of Customs which were presented at a scrap plastic conference in Guangzhou last week. Media reports describe this as one of the first statistical indications that the 'Green Fence' policy is having a big impact on the industry.

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China's import demands 'not unreasonable'

China: 'China will put more efforts toward green development, recycled development and low-carbon development,' the country's new president Xi Jinping told delegates at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2013 last week. He added that China 'needs to balance industrial development with green, sustainable development'.

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