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Sensor sorting - High-definition recycling

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Latest Technology News

Technology , Oct 13, 2017
'Over 4900 of our sorting systems have been installed in 50 countries worldwide', TOMRA's senior vice president Tom Eng announced at the tech company's test...
Technology , Oct 13, 2017
Leading size reduction equipment manufacturer Rapid Granulator of Sweden is investing Euro 4.5 million (US$ 5.3 million) in three high-precision, highly-automated machining...
Technology , Sep 13, 2017
The ZRR3 is already making waves in the recycling industry. The new three-armed robotic sorter created by Finnish company ZenRobotics has just proven to be a highly efficient...

Latest Product News

US firm Tribogenics has announced the arrival of its next-generation Watson M series X-ray fluorescence metal analyser: the M2 handheld.
Goudsmit Magnetics has developed a new magnetic filter that captures 'very tiny' iron particles as small as one micron in industrial liquids such as lubricating oil, solvents and coolant.
'The Sicon Laser Sort bridges the gap between high-throughput recovery on an industrial scale and use of secondary grade-specific aluminum as a resource,' says Sicon of its latest recycling...