'Fate of plastics recycling market is unclear'
The summer of scrap: recycling at festivals

In this issue:

Does the recycling message find its echo during festival season?
... more
Data security challenges for US recyclers and refurbishers
In addition to world events shaping the US ferrous scrap market, this year’s US Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries convention in New Orlean... more
Axion: Marker technology 'not the answer' to increasing recycling rates
New developments in marker technology for sorting plastics packaging should not be viewed as the answer to increasing recycling rates. However, they c... more
Used glass bottles could crack the battery market
While plastic bottles have become the packaging of choice for soft drinks producers, glass is used to bottle virtually all wines and spirits. Glass re... more
Scrapping aircons and rice cookers the ALBA way
A state-of-the-art facility and collection infrastructure are being hailed as a model for the electronics recycling industry in Hong Kong and other pl... more
Emerging markets offering wider sales scope
Manufacturing is one of those areas in which Germany stands out and its annual Recycling-Technik fair proved once again that this reputation is well m... more
Market Analysis Ferrous 
Prices head north on solid demand
... more
Market Analysis Non-Ferrous 
Analysts back copper to stay above US$ 6000
... more
Market Analysis Plastics 
Uncertain fate for plastics recycling market
In a tumultuous period for the plastics scrap trade, China has further tightened its stance on imports of certain solid wastes, going as far as to sig... more
Market Analysis Nickel & Stainless 
Scrap prices show restraint
... more
Market Analysis Paper 
China's ban bombshell
Most of the talk in recovered fibre circles over recent weeks has centred on the announcement by China that it plans to ban imports of certain recycla... more
Market Analysis Textiles 
Kenya no longer banning used clothes exports?
... more
Confusion reigns
The international recycling industry is on tenterhooks, consigned to a prolonged period of doubt over precisely which of its materials will be banned ... more
The burning question
In today’s high-tech world, it has become increasingly rare for people to sit down together and simply talk. But when conversations are extended... more
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