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How we can eliminate 50% of ocean plastics by 2022
... more
BIR Ferrous Update 
Steel scrap set to be China's 'rising star'
Despite recent swings in buying activity, among other challenges, the ferrous scrap industry is 'on a much sounder footing' than at the same time last... more
BIR: Non-Ferrous Update 
Threat hangs over mixed metal scrap exports to China
Storm clouds are gathering over the international non-ferrous scrap trade in the form of possible import bans into the key market of China. As part of... more
BIR: E-scrap Update 
China more rigid on WEEE imports
In the expert opinion of Dr Steve Wong, executive president of the China Scrap Plastics Association, his government’s determination to prioritis... more
BIR Plastics Update 
Fears and rumours grow over China's import intentions
In the worst-case scenario from the five- to 10-year perspective, ‘I don’t think China will import plastic scrap any more’. This was... more
BIR: Rubber Update 
Crumb rubber industry toils under 'cloud of uncertainty'
Although more than 90 separate pieces of research have concluded no risks are attached to the use of crumb rubber in synthetic turf, the issue 'is not... more
Plastics Technology Outlook 
Sector brimming with first-class solutions
There is a ‘huge hunger’ for plastics, according to global recycling technology experts. Clean and properly-sorted plastics, that is. So w... more
Tech Profile: Hermion 
Providing equipment solutions that make a difference
‘Plastics recycling is huge in Holland - in Europe, in general,’ says Rien Driessen of Hermion. His tone is confident, backed by years of ... more
Sky-high potential for thermoset recycling innovation?
Researchers at Washington State University in the USA have discovered a new method to recycle epoxy-based thermoset composites, frequently used in any... more
BIR Highlights 
18/3/18: a day to celebrate recycling
The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China occupies a mere 1075 square kilometres but punches well above its weight in terms of economic and... more
BIR: Stainless Update 
Stainless scrap trading 'increasingly a regional business'
Last year's global 18/8 scrap ratio of 44% was 'definitely a long-time low point' as decreases were seen in every region of the world, sectoral expert... more
BIR: Textiles Update 
Free trade vital for a strong used clothing industry
BIR and its partners are continuing to negotiate with the East African Community in their bid to persuade its members - Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzan... more
BIR: Paper Update 
Freight rates likely to stabilise after 'explosion'
There are persistent ‘tensions’ with the paper manufacturing industry which sees opportunities in the EU’s Circular Economy package ... more
Market Analysis Nickel & Stainless 
Has the market reached the bottom?
A range of factors - including lower nickel quotations - has dampened stainless steel scrap prices over recent weeks, with 304 now at US$ 1060-1110 pe... more
Market Analysis Non-Ferrous 
Copper scrap 'a seller's market'
Following a period of relatively modest swings, LME cash prices are at the following per-tonne levels (the corresponding figures from our non-ferrous ... more
Market Analysis Ferrous 
Scrap prices resilient as iron ore falls
Since our previous report in late April, ferrous scrap values have moved within a relatively narrow band. Latest cfr price indications for shipments f... more
Market Analysis Plastics 
National Sword induces market shift
China’s tighter import controls and the ever-present fear of container rejections have led to altered flows of plastics scrap, with Vietnam, Mal... more
Market Analysis Paper 
OCC bounces back in style
Coinciding with strong fibre demand within Europe and the USA, prices for OCC exports to Asian markets have soared for the second time this year follo... more
Market Analysis Textiles 
Businesses hit by underlying currency problems
Reports from Europe and Asia suggest used clothing collection volumes are either firm or showing signs of a small increase. At the same time, there ar... more
Take a bow, maestro
As regular readers of this column will know, I love my music - although even the most ardent music-lover can be pushed to the edge of madness when the... more
Isn't every day recycling day?
Ranjit Baxi, president of the BIR world recycling organisation, did the right thing by initiating and finally launching a global day to celebrate recy... more
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