Novelis reports increased use of recycled aluminium

Global: Recycled material now accounts for more than half the inputs at US-based aluminium giant Novelis. During the 2016 fiscal year, the company's recycled inputs reached 53% - the highest figure to date, according to its latest sustainability report. The number is up from 49% in 2015 and 46% in 2014.

During the 2015 fiscal year, the company launched its Evercycle 100% recycled-content beverage can comprising 90% post-consumer content and 10% production scrap. It also began incorporating a high-recycled-content aluminium into Jaguar Land Rover vehicles in the same year. The 75% recycled-content aluminium alloy is also available for sale to other car makers.

Novelis' 2016 sustainability report notes that upping its recycling and automotive sheet production also increases its overall energy usage, which runs contrary to its sustainability goal. As a result, Novelis does not expect to meet its previously established energy usage targets for 2020.

However, the company also stresses that use of recycled content is a key driver in the reduction of carbon emissions from primary aluminium production. 'As the pace by which we increase our use of recycled inputs moderates, we expect to see a similar moderated pace of reductions in our absolute (greenhouse gas) emissions,' the report states.

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