Magnetic separation experts 'thrilled' to join forces

United Kingdom: In the UK, separation technology provider Bunting Magnetics has taken over Master Magnets Ltd of Redditch - a company which supplies complete lines of magnetic separation, recycling and metal detection equipment to several industries worldwide. The acquisition will provide Bunting Magnetics with ‘broadened customer reach, new manufacturing capabilities and the opportunity to sell into new markets’.

‘We are thrilled to add Master Magnets to our family of companies,’ comments Bob Bunting, ceo of Bunting Magnetics Co. ‘We value the long-standing success of Master Magnets Ltd and are committed to sharing engineering and manufacturing strengths while providing their employees with the resources they need to build on this success.’

Master Magnets is said to complement Bunting Magnetics in terms of innovation, quality, products and providing magnetic solutions through individual components and complete systems.

‘Joining forces decisively extends Bunting’s status as a leading global supplier of magnetic equipment and is a significant milestone in the company’s history,’ stresses the company’s ceo. According to Simon Ayling, managing director of Bunting Magnetics Europe, Master Magnets has ‘deep customer relationships in new markets for us such as mining, quarrying and aggregate.’


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