STAUSS 2020 system for easy screening and sorting

After a thorough development phase, Austrian manufacturer STAUSS Recyclinganlagen GmbH is presenting the new mobile container sorting system of the type 2020 – which is much larger than before.

The machine is designed as a modular construction on two standardized hooklift frames to allow easy screening and sorting of various materials. This waste stream includes; metal scrap, PET plastics, industrial waste, paper, building debris as well as other bulky materials.

The 2020 system is fed by means of a controllable feed belt, followed by the sieving of the material via a 1-deck screen. The hand sorting is carried out by 2-6 crew members, while the screened fine fractions are carried onwards on the conveyor belt.

Due to the modular and mobile design of the system, it can be adapted to different space conditions and it can be configured with a wide range of accessories – like magnetic separators.

Depending on the material characteristics etc., a throughput of up to 100 t/h can be achieved.

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