US plastics film recycling remains on growth curve

North America: Recycling of plastic wraps, bags and other film packaging climbed a further 3% in 2015 to a minimum of nearly 1.2 billion pounds (540 000 tonnes) - the eleventh consecutive year of increase and the highest annual collection total for plastic film since the American Chemistry Council began its surveys.

Plastic film recycling - a category that includes flexible product wraps, bags and commercial stretch film made primarily from polyethylene - has increased nearly 84% since the first report was issued in 2005, it is noted.

In 2015 alone, film processing in the USA and Canada increased by 11%. Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that post-consumer recycling of non-bottle rigid plastics has soared 280% since tracking began in 2007 despite a dip of 4% in 2015 to a minimum of 1.24 billion pounds (560 000 tonnes).

The rigid plastics category includes: food containers, caps, lids, tubs and cups; bulky items such as buckets, carts and lawn furniture; and used commercial scrap such as crates, battery casings and drums.

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