New Sims subsidiary to focus on data destruction expertise

United States: E-scrap recycling major Sims Recycling Solutions has formed a subsidiary that will aim to optimise processing plants. California-based Converge Engineering LLC will work with a wide range of US companies in the traditional scrap recycling sector and in IT asset disposition to design and plan facilities and upgrade existing operations.

Some of the equipment, including industrial controls and data destruction devices, will be developed by Converge. Other equipment will be purchased from outside suppliers with which SRS has worked over the years. According to the company’s managing director Rafael Reveles, solutions for destroying and securing data storage hardware need to be portable, scalable, flexible and effective.

'We are currently developing solutions optimised for consolidated data locations to properly destroy platter, solid state drives and solid state memory,' he confirms. Besides designing, building and enhancing electronics and metals recycling plants on a large scale, Converge will offer smaller recycling plants to accommodate low-volume applications and smaller electronic products.

A division of Australia-based Sims Metal Management, SRS currently operates seven facilities in the USA; 14 in Europe, Africa and the Middle East; and eight in the Asia-Pacific region.


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