Plastics recycler Entropex revitalised by industry veterans

United States: Entropex, one of the largest plastics recyclers in North America, has been renamed ReVital Polymers Inc. following the joint acquisition by 'veteran' entrepreneurs Emmie Leung of Emterra Group and Tony Moucachen of Merlin Plastics Group.

Leung and Moucachen formed a partnership last summer to acquire the assets of Entropex including a 180 000-square foot recycling facility located in Sarnia, Ontario. ReVital Polymers Inc recovers post-consumer as well as post-industrial plastics and processes these materials into discrete resin types, tailoring them to specific customer end-use applications.

In fact, the company is able to recycle the entire spectrum of product package – including paper and metal – integrating it into the reverse supply chain that feeds the development of new products and packaging.

'Our process allows us to customise production to meet the specific needs of our customers, contributing to more sustainable products made from recycled content,' comments Moucachen, who stresses the commitment to the circular economy.

Leung adds that ReVital Polymers inc is offering programs and services that will improve recovery rates for producers and increase material value through better end-of-life management.


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