Steinert: 'no escape' for very fine materials

Even very fine materials ‘will have no chance of escaping’ Steinert’s latest EddyC FINES non-ferrous metals separator, it is claimed. The eddy current system was developed in collaboration with major recycler Galloo and can process 0.5-10 mm particles ‘more effectively and economically than ever before’.

The new system’s splitter can be set with millimetre precision, enabling non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper and e-scrap to be separated as well as incineration bottom ash, automotive shredder residue and many other very fine materials.

The pole drum’s eccentric pole system rotates at 4000 rpm over a working width of two metres. In addition, a corresponding upgrade enables the program-controlled system to focus on predefined points of the parabolic trajectory.

Meanwhile, the EddyC FINES system’s working widths are 1000, 1500 and 2000 mm, and the belt speed is 1-2.5 metres per second. ‘A conveyor belt change can be carried out in 10 minutes, without heavy lifting equipment or excessive downtime,’ says Steinert.

The machines now run ‘very reliably’ at Galloo in two shifts for a total of around 16 hours per day, confirms Luc Waignein, head of R&D at Galloo.

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