SWANA launches new MRF safety resource

USA: The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) has launched a new instalment of its 'Five to Stay Alive' series featuring basic safety tips for material recovery facility (MRF) employees, such as maintaining safe distances from stacked bales and from moving equipment.

The campaign, which includes flyers and posters with guidelines for employees to follow in order to reduce on-the-job accidents and injuries, is part of the initiative to improve an industry safety performance that is 'not acceptable', concedes SWANA's executive director and ceo David Biderman. 'At least two MRF workers were killed earlier this year. With volatile commodity prices, we urge companies and local governments to not reduce their focus on worker safety.'

Noting that its 'Five to Stay Alive' resources are available at swana.org/safety, SWANA adds that a positive workplace safety culture is imperative 'to move the solid waste industry off of the federal government's list of most dangerous jobs'.

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