Spotlight on China's car and e-cycling market

Asia: China remains an important market for recyclates and recycling technology, observes Dr Axel Schweitzer of ALBA Group. He will deliver a keynote speech detailing how to boost recycling business in China at the upcoming Electronics and Car Recycling Congress in Macau.

The 2017 edition of Asia's premier conference covering virtually everything to do with electronics and end-of-life vehicle recycling will take place from November 14-17.

Organised by ICM, it will provide an update on collection, recycling, reuse and remanufacturing, including the metals and plastics abundantly present in cars and modern-day gadgets.

Dr Schweitzer’s address will touch upon ALBA Group’s business model for the circular economy. Other topics to be discussed at the event will include: car battery recycling, new legislation and targets as well as the latest sorting and processing technologies.

An exhibition area will be integrated into the conference facility where vendors will be able to meet their clients.

There will be plant tours to car recycling and e-scrap recycling facilities, including the ALBA Integrated Waste Solutions operation in Hong Kong.


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