Sicon raises the bar for advanced metals sorting

'The Sicon Laser Sort bridges the gap between high-throughput recovery on an industrial scale and use of secondary grade-specific aluminum as a resource,' says Sicon of its latest recycling innovation.

Thanks to laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), the new unit manages in-line separation of up to 15 different metals and alloys in one single pass.

Essentially, the machine runs a chemical element analysis of every single object passing through the sorter. This approach is believed to tackle the growing demand for unmixed aluminum alloys and pure non-ferrous metals with special focus on Aluminum Recyclers, secondary aluminum and non-ferrous smelters.

To ensure optimum results, the Sicon Laser Sort includes an auto-focus and can be customised by setting up different calibration elements. It also features a preceding laser for cleaning purposes, mounted prior the main laser.

With input material ranging in size between 1”-6” or 25 - 130 mm the Sicon Laser Sort is ‘perfectly adapted’ to process higher throughput per hour at a belt speed of 10 feet per second or 3 m/s.

The manufacturer adds that the new solution can be easily operated in a 3-shift mode and allows for a very quick return on investment.


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