China and Hong Kong boost US aluminium scrap exports

Asia: The opening five months of this year brought an almost 13% increase in US aluminium scrap exports. Overseas shipments jumped from 540 239 tonnes in January-May 2016 to 609 148 tonnes in this year’s corresponding period, according to latest figures from the US Census Bureau and US International Trade Commission.

The overall increase to all destinations was mirrored by the spike in Chinese purchases of US aluminium scrap, with the Asian giant upping its order by 13.7% in the first five months of this year to 322 415 tonnes from 283 543 tonnes in January-May 2016.

Shipments from the USA to Hong Kong surged 83.8% to 30 066 tonnes. South Korea was another major market for US aluminium scrap, boosting its requirements by 31.9% year on year to 71 626 tonnes.

Mexico and India also increased their purchases - the former by 12.2% to 59 122 tonnes and the latter by 29.2% to 26 546 tonnes. In contrast, volumes heading north into Canada edged 5.1% lower to 45 744 tonnes.


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