Recycling crew salvages metals from set of National Geographic TV show

United States: It's not often that a recycling crew visits the set of a TV miniseries. Fort Hood Recycle workers were called to collect over 15 000 pounds of scrap metal used to build the realistic backdrop for National Geographic's war drama "The Long Road Home", filmed at the military base of Fort Hood in Texas.

'It was like stepping into a war zone,' comments one of the men who helped salvage enough material to fill five 40-yard roll-off containers.

While most of it represented metals – including bicycles, stoves and car parts – one container was filled with plastic bottles.

The set was described as impressively detailed, complete with war-torn buildings, grim alleyways and debris scattered everywhere. Collecting the valuable recyclables will help to sponsor Fort Hood Recycle’s community events for soldiers and their family members.

The facility’s crew says they are thankful for National Geographic for supporting their recycling venture. Fort Hood Recycle is a single-stream recycling centre and has pledged to send zero waste to landfill by 2020. On average, the centre diverts up to 800 tons of recyclables from landfill each month.

“The Long Road Home” miniseries is based on the 2007 best-selling novel by American reporter Martha Raddatz.

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