Fluctuating export fortunes for US recovered paper

United States: America’s exports of OCC and mixed paper fell by double-digit percentages in the first five months of this year whereas the nation’s overseas shipments of deinking material and ONP were significantly ahead of the previous year, according to latest figures from the US International Trade Commission

Volumes of OCC leaving US shores fell 14.26% in January-May this year to 4.01 million short tons while mixed paper exports tumbled 10.73% to 1.623 million short tons.

The respective totals for the same period last year were 4.677 million short tons and 1.818 million short tons.

US deink exports surged 14.71% from 359 152 short tons to 411 986 short tons when making the same comparison while the ONP shipments increase was just under 5% to 847 510 short tons.

Mechanical/brown exports from the USA were almost 25% higher in the opening five months of 2017 at 1.291 million short tons.


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