Improved appetite for US copper scrap exports in year to June

United States: In the first half of 2017, US exports of copper and copper alloy scrap jumped 11.6% year on year to edge a fraction over the half-million mark to 500 114 tonnes, with China and Hong Kong accounting for almost 364 000 tonnes of the total.

Latest figures from the US Census Bureau and US International Trade Commission show that China upped its purchases by 13.4% - from 302 926 tonnes in January-June 2016 to 343 571 tonnes in the corresponding period of the current year.

Meanwhile, US deliveries to Hong Kong surged 68.8% from 11 946 tonnes to 20 171 tonnes. There was also a sharp increase in Canadian purchases of US-origin copper and copper alloy scrap, with transacted volumes soaring 41.3% from 36 823 tonnes in the opening half of 2016 to 52 036 tonnes.

In contrast, the USA’s fourth-largest market - Germany - trimmed its order by almost 21% to 13 407 tonnes.


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