New tech: a robotic sorting solution for bags

Finland: The ZRR3 is already making waves in the recycling industry. The new three-armed robotic sorter created by Finnish company ZenRobotics has just proven to be a highly efficient machine for bags sorting as well.

‘As a bag sorting application, a ZRR3 recovers up to 18 fractions in one spot in a single pass no matter how crowded the belt is, using three successive arms,’ ZenRobotics reports. The system is capable of performing positive or negative sorting, plus hybrid sorting.

The robotic sorter manages a throughput of up to 50 tonnes per hour. Bag weights may range from 0 to 30 kg. The system also allows recyclers to recover unopened bags from other loose municipal solid waste. A ZRR3 with three arms makes up to 6000 picks per hour.

The tech company points out that it can sort a wide variety of other materials at the very same time. ‘The more arms, the more capacity,’ ZenRobotics adds.


Curious? Watch the ZRR3 sort bags here


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