Goudsmit's filter captures microscopic particles

Goudsmit Magnetics has developed a new magnetic filter that captures 'very tiny' iron particles as small as one micron in industrial liquids such as lubricating oil, solvents and coolant.

The magnetic filter can be placed either before or after a candle filter: before to extend the service life of the candle filter; or after for separation of the finest iron particles (from 1 micron).

The magnet is situated parallel to the main flow, which means that filtering takes place continuously. The capacity of a single unit is approximately 0.8 m3 per hour and maximum pressure is 1.5 bar. Unlike other filters, the new magnetic filter requires no flushing fluid and so there is very little loss of the original fluid and a very pure iron fraction, it says.

Fluids are routed close to a powerful magnetic field. ‘The better this contact is, the higher the separation yield,’ explains the Dutch magnetics specialist. The dynamic seal in the housing then opens and the bar magnet is brought outside the product flow in its entirety, prior to the seal closing again.

The magnetic core in the bar magnet moves upwards and, because the seal is closed, the iron particles cannot move upwards with it. The magnetic field disappears and most of the iron particles fall off.

To remove the remaining ferrous particles from the extractor tube, the seal opens slightly and the extractor tube moves upwards. ‘The seal now acts as a scraper,’ Goudsmit notes.

Once at the top, the seal closes. The magnetic core is back in its starting position and the supply can be opened.


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