Watson M2 'world class' in metals analysis

US firm Tribogenics has announced the arrival of its next-generation Watson M series X-ray fluorescence metal analyser: the M2 handheld.

The Watson M2 is ‘world class’ in alloy determination through elemental quantification based on dual beam technology for obtaining real-time knowledge of X-ray source emission spectra and deconvolution algorithms, says the company.

The Watson M2 is the result of extensive collaborations with recyclers and boasts numerous improvements, including a quick-release X-ray cartridge with a 1000-shot life warranty, a removable battery pack and a significantly lower weight than before.

The computational basis of the device has been changed from a mobile phone to an embedded computer. Furthermore, the cloud-based customer-accessible database is being upgraded to online industry standards for speed of access and security.

Tribogenics has successfully built several Watson M2 Beta units for internal use and field testing to prepare for a US commercial launch at the end of October, it reports. The company will be introducing the Watson M2 to the marketplace at several US trade shows, such as Westec in Los Angeles and Fabtech in Chicago.

To cater for existing customers, Tribogenics has organised a special upgrade programme to allow owners of the previous model to obtain the latest one. For those who have purchased a Watson M1 within the last six months, for example, 75% of the price paid may be applied in exchange for the Watson M2.


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