India pioneers new tech to produce tiles from discarded bags

India: Researchers at the National Physical Laboratory in India have found a way to transform plastic waste into stylish, practical tiles. A large amount of the input material will be sourced from members of local rag pickers associations.

‘India generates 1500 tonnes of plastic waste every day and we just throw it away,’ comments S K Dhawan, who oversaw the project. Around 600 plastic bags are used to create one tile, which can be used to decorate bathrooms but also to create pavements.

Costing around US$ 1 per square foot, production of the tiles will start on October 19 at the Shayna Ecounified plant in Delhi.

The research team has already received an order for 77 000 recycled tiles from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.

India’s department of science and technology has announced it will promote the sustainable tiles in its upcoming campaign for better sanitation facilities throughout the country. The ministry of road transport is already encouraging the use of recycled plastic in road construction.


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