Capacity hike for US carton recycler ReWall

United States: The ReWall Company is doubling the manufacturing capacity of roofing products and other construction materials made from recycled food and beverage cartons at its Des Moines facility in the US state of Iowa.

The business produces sustainable building materials from, among other items, milk cartons, juice boxes and soup containers using a proprietary ‘low-energy, eco-friendly recycling technology’ which requires no water, formaldehyde glues or hazardous chemicals.

‘No waste is generated, and every part of the carton is incorporated into the finished products,’ ReWall points out. Equipment installed recently at the Des Moines facility will enable intake of approximately 600 tons of recycled cartons per month, with some 800 half-pint cartons going into the manufacture of one of the company’s roof cover boards, according to a report in Contractor Supply Magazine.

‘We chose food and beverage cartons because they allow us to create an extremely durable and moisture-resistant roof cover board,’ explains ceo Jan Rayman.

Mark Hanson, president of Central States Roofing, adds: ‘We have successfully installed ReWall roof cover boards on numerous projects at Iowa State University, and we will continue to choose this product, not only because its environmental impact is much, much lower, but also because it outperforms other incumbent materials. This product can do all the things gypsum-fibre boards can do, but does them better, and this board has properties that gypsum-fibre boards will never be able to match, such as being easy to manoeuvre.’



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