Dismantling of giant oil platform aids vulnerable people

United Kingdom: Demolition and marine decommissioning specialist Able UK is ensuring that local charities benefit from its dismantling of a redundant oil platform.

The 24 200-tonne Brent Delta was transported from the Brent oil and gas field north-east of the Shetland Islands in the North Sea using the largest construction vessel ever built - the Allseas Pioneering Spirit.

Arriving at Able’s Seaton Port facility in the north east of England on May 2 this year, a range of supplies have subsequently been removed from the platform and donated to charitable organisations, including the supply of bedding, mattresses, towels, fridges and cutlery to, among others, the North East Homeless organisation which provides accommodation for vulnerable people.

‘The Brent Delta was home to hundreds of workers for over 40 years and when it arrived into Able Seaton Port it included all the kinds of items to support the accommodation of the workforce,’ explains Neil Jarvis, Able’s Shell Brent project director. ‘Now that we have begun the decommissioning process, the day-to-day items have to be removed before we can work on the major dismantling operations and we are delighted that they can be put to good work through local organisations.’

The full decommissioning of the Brent Delta, which contains upwards of 22 000 tonnes of steel, is expected to be completed within 12 months.


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