Want to make the most of your Zorba? Meet the Vulture…

The global market for aluminium scrap is projected to grow by an estimated 7% per annum in the coming five years. With this prospect in mind, Belgian equipment specialist Ad Rem has developed a modern separation solution that focuses on Zorba and incinerator bottom ash (IBA) fractions.

Zorba is one of the major sources from which aluminium can be extracted. ‘To facilitate the need for separating this type of waste stream, we have developed a compact and efficient new installation, the Vulture,’ says Brian Noppe, general manager at Ad Rem. ‘By separating Zorba or IBA into aluminium and heavy metals, we can create an added value of at least US$ 75 per tonne.’

Suitably named after the infamous scavenger bird, the Vulture has a capacity ranging from 10 to 40 tonnes per hour. The installation enables Zorba or IBA separation by means of a flotation drum operating with a density of 3 kg/dm³ using ferro-silicon as a medium.

The aluminium floats and is ejected from the front of the drum. The sinks, consisting of heavy metals, are transported through the drum and evacuated at the rear.

The medium is drained from the material in baskets connected to the medium drum and the material is rinsed on vibratory screens. An internal water treatment system maintains a clean, closed-loop rinsing circuit.

Noppe points out that his design team specifically wanted to reduce medium consumption, saving 5 kg of ferro-silicon for every tonne of Zorba when compared to other flotation systems. As a result, it has been calculated that recyclers can save more than US$ 300 000 worth of ferro-silicon annually for a system handling 10 tonnes per hour.

Multiple examples of traditional Ad Rem heavy media plants are already in operation across Europe. With their high efficiency, they have proved capable of producing a very high-grade aluminium concentrate at a marginal operation cost.

Ad Rem is confident, it says, that the Vulture will help respond to the ever-increasing demand for clean aluminium scrap.


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