E-scrap allows Itronics to boost silver bullion production

United States: Itronics Inc. has increased its per-melt silver bullion production by 24% recently thanks to e-scrap serving as a refining melt ingredient. Turning to post-consumer computer circuit boards has proven to be a ‘cost reducing’ raw material offering plenty of precious metals, the US company affirms.

Itronics Inc. reports it saw its per-melt silver bullion production go up by 24% since May 2017 and that this will likely increase another 11% to reach a total of 35% by year-end.

The company intends to install a dedicated e-scrap grinder so it can boost its per-melt production by 40% extra in the second quarter 2018.

‘In 2017, the prices of copper, zinc, silver, gold and palladium have increased sharply, in some cases, to multi-year highs,’ Itronics comments.

‘Many forecasters are predicting that gold and silver prices will significantly increase from current levels. Copper and tin are at multiyear highs. Itronics is now positioned to benefit significantly as production is expanded and these metal prices continue to increase.’

Itronics concludes that it is ‘aggressively advancing’ the development of its sustainability maximising portfolio of new "Zero Waste" technologies.


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