Spectro Alloys reveals 'phase one' of multi-million investment programme

United States: US aluminium recycler Spectro Alloys Corporation is to plough US$ 5.5 million into its facility at Rosemount in Minnesota as part of what it describes as ‘phase one of a multi-year investment plan’.

The project, to be implemented by mid-2018, will include a new building to house a 21-ton rotary furnace capable of melting various forms of aluminium scrap.

‘It will incorporate state-of-the-art technology, including a filtration plant that will reduce emissions from the recycling process,’ states the company.

The investment will add jobs, expand recycling capabilities and improve melting safety and efficiency, reducing gas and electricity needed in the recycling process, according to Spectro Alloys.

The planned expansion has received support from the Minnesota’s Job Creation Fund.

‘This investment will allow us to recycle a wider range of locally- and regionally-sourced aluminium products,’ says Spectro Alloys.

The company has been supplying alloys to foundries and die-casters for 44 years, with its production based on a wide array of scrap inputs such as cast, old sheet, auto rims, extrusions, MLCC, radiators, painted siding, turnings, Twitch, Tweak, Zorba and RSI.


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