Polystyrene recycling initiative aimed at meeting 'most demanding' standards

United States: Global materials company Trinseo has joined an industry initiative to identify and develop new recycling solutions for transforming polystyrene waste into a material 'that will meet the most demanding industry standards'.

The scheme was initiated by PlasticsEurope and is aimed at achieving food-grade recycled polystyrene.

'Proactively advancing polystyrene recycling solutions is a critical task that Trinseo fully supports while adhering to circular economy principles,' explains the company's senior vice president Tim Stedman. He is an advocate of an objective, technology-based strategy and vision for the plastics and packaging industry.

'As a light and stable material, polystyrene not only insulates well, keeping produce fresh over long periods of time, but is a low-cost and recyclable alternative,' he observes.

Trinseo has produced STYRON Polystyrene for over 80 years, which the company says has 'paved the way' for technological advancements around the world.



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