Duo targets fully-recyclable mattresses

The Netherlands: Dutch product redesign specialist DSM-Niaga has reached agreement with leading mattress manufacturer Auping to develop 100% recyclable mattresses as part of a 'long-term collaboration'.

The goal of the partnership is to tackle the large-scale incineration and landfilling of today’s mattresses, to which end the pair hopes to create fully-recyclable mattresses within the next three years.

‘We realise how the manufacturing processes and business models might need to change to make a fully circular mattress work,’ DSM comments.

Already in 2016, the Dutch company pioneered 100% recyclable carpet that can be processed into new high-value carpet on a commercial scale.

‘This collaboration with Auping unlocks the potential of Niaga technology for circular design in markets other than carpet too,’ says Josse Kunst, general manager of DSM-Niaga. ‘We are impressed by Auping’s innovative mindset and are looking forward to radically improving the recyclability of mattresses together with Auping.’


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