Sims Recycling Solutions backs 'responsible sources for gold' initiative

The Netherlands: Global e-recycling leader Sims Recycling Solutions has signed the Dutch Gold Sector International Responsible Business Conduct agreement to boost transparency regarding the mining and recycling of gold.

Tracing the origin of gold and where it eventually ends up can be quite difficult, Sims Recycling Solutions (SRS) observes. Transparency among all who handle gold products and by products, as well as their customers, could help significantly improve worldwide recycling practices, it is contended.

The new gold trade agreement has received support from businesses across the board, including recycler Coolrec as well as Dutch electronics and jewellery manufacturers, and also government officials. Besides maximising a positive mining and recycling impact, the initiative is also aimed at creating better working conditions while safeguarding eco-friendly principles.

‘As the first such agreement of this kind, we look forward to watching businesses place more focus on ensuring responsible sources for their gold,’ comments SRS president Steve Skurnac. ‘We are proud to be a part of this effort and hope it marks the beginning of a global movement.’


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