Montello invests in TOMRA's hi-tech sorting system

Italian recycling firm Montello S.p.A. has installed TOMRA's latest sensor-based technology sorting machines – at a plant now featuring 40 TOMRA solutions – so it can process post-consumer plastic arriving from Lombardy.

Montello currently owns a 350 000 square metre industrial site near Bergamo, including a 120 000 square metre indoor area, and employs approximately 500 people.

‘Technology is everywhere’, the recycler affirms. This is mainly due to the use of TOMRA Sorting Recycling optical sensors, which are capable of identifying the different types of plastic, thus minimising the need for manual sorting.

Back in 1996, at the time of the steel crisis, Montello decided to discontinue the production of iron bars for reinforced concrete and transform the business into what would become ‘one of the most advanced waste processing facilities in Europe and the only one in Italy capable of managing the complete cycle’. A

s Montello concludes, its dedication to hi-tech recycling systems proved to be ‘a winning idea’.


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