Jan-Feb 2018: revenues from US recovered fibre exports dip 7.5%

Global: As a result of China's new import regime, the country slashed its purchases of US mixed/unsorted paper by 95.2% to 18 432 tonnes in the opening two months of 2018 from 384 887 tonnes in the same period last year, according to America’s Census Bureau and International Trade Commission.

Declines were also recorded for all other grades of recovered paper, including corrugated (-16.6% year on year), pulp substitutes (-60%) and printed news (-43.5%).

In revenue terms, China still represented the largest export market for US recovered fibre in the January-February 2018 period although the figure tumbled almost 39% year on year from nearly US$ 339 million to around US$ 207 million.

India made up for some of the lost revenue in increasing its payments for US fibre by more than 130% - from a fraction over US$ 42 million to approaching US$ 98 million.

Revenues from US recovered paper shipments to Indonesia and Vietnam also recorded triple-digit increases in the opening two months of this year, the former by 116.2% to US$ 19.6 million and the latter by 245.4% to US$ 13.3 million.

To all destinations, US revenues slid 7.5% year on year to just over US$ 494 million.

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