Meagre response to submarine scrapping plan

United Kingdom: The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has revealed that last October’s nationwide public outreach effort relating to the controversial submarine dismantling project at Devonport has produced only 72 proposals so far.

A crowd of around 1200 people were drawn to an exhibition in the south coast city of Plymouth which was staged to encourage the public to express its views on the project. Apart from the meagre response, the MoD claims to have received a very mixed reaction to the plans, with answers ranging from the wholly negative such as ‘no way should this be happening’ to the completely upbeat - for example, the dismantling project will ‘keep employment in this part of England’.

UK residents have until February 24 to register their opinions, at which point MoD officials will start studying the responses in more depth. A decision will be made at a later date, yet unknown.

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