Reverse vending of light bulbs

Described as a world first, a reverse vending machine for light bulbs has been developed as a result of a joint co-operation of Revend Recycling of the UK and Repant of Norway. According to the manufacturers, the reverse vending recycling machine can be delivered with an optional add-on unit for the collection and recycling of batteries.

This new development is based on the innovative technology of the Repant Cosmos reverse vending recycling machine for cans and bottles. Repant will manufacture the machines while Revend Recycling will sell and market them worldwide under its trademark brand name reVend.

Among other features, the stand-alone machine brings automated safe collection and recycling of domestic light bulbs including: incandescent bulbs; CFL light bulbs (which contain mercury); and LED light bulbs. An automated soft-drop system safely collects and lowers light bulbs into a special collection container, thereby minimising breakages. An internal mercury fume extractor and mercury fume filter absorbs/removes any escaped mercury fumes. Furthermore, there is no need for staff to touch the potentially harmful recycled light bulbs when removing them from the recycling bin.

Yet more technology facilitates the compiling of auditable statistics on bulb types by manufacturer and volumes recycled; this automatically sends texts or emails when the secure light bulb storage container is nearly full and needs emptying.

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