Recycling election campaign signs in Kansas

United States: Kansas-based Lane County Public Works’ Waste Management Division has revealed plans to recycle a large proportion of the political campaign signs left over from the election season - completely free of charge. The initiative to take back the plastic boards will run for a five-week period.

According to the US waste management authority, any political signs free of staples, tape and metal - as well as wooden posts - can be turned in at the Glenwood Central Receiving Station between now and December 8. Modern sign systems containing plastic film sleeves or paper pouches over a wire rack are also eligible for recycling.

All incoming material is to be treated by a local company that recycles ‘a wide variety of plastics that are not recyclable through the standard curbside or transfer station programmes’, the waste management division has stated.

Sarah Grimm, Lane County Waste Reduction Specialist, says: ‘We have collected campaign signs following elections for several years now and are delighted to report fewer and fewer are being discarded. Instead, people are reusing them for projects and a few local campaign offices are even collecting them from supporters to reuse for future campaigns.’

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