Organised crime hits recycling in Latin America

Latin America : Latin America offers recyclers an expanding market with growth potential, but theft, fraud and an under-developed infrastructure represent significant problems, it was suggested at a special workshop held at the recent BIR World Recycling Convention in Shanghai.

According to Enrique Acosta, chairman of BIR’s Latin America Committee, there is a 'very large incidence' of theft and fraud affecting the recycling industry in the region. The industry's materials are a target for 'co-ordinated and organised groups', forcing shippers into 'extraordinary measures' such as sending containers in convoys with armed guards in unmarked vehicles, Acosta said at the meeting.

He added that his own US-based company BMB Metals has experienced 'problems and setbacks' with local VAT schemes in most of the nine Latin American countries where it has suppliers.

'Recycling International' will publish an in-depth review of the workshop in its August issue.

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