cieTrade pursues picture-perfect exports

Global business management software provider cieTrade has devised a novel application which makes good use of the iPhone craze. It is offering ciePhoto - a handy app that combines mobile photography with an integrated database containing a range of export information.

According to the company, the ciePhoto enables the user to take as many photos as desired of outbound export containers and can help in the documenting of quality issues on received loads. All photos taken using the app are automatically uploaded into the cieTrade database over Wi-Fi and 'attached directly to the appropriate worksheet'.

Coupling the pictures with a specific container or load number eliminates the time-consuming task of manually managing hundreds of photos, the company underlines. 'ciePhoto can also reduce the number of lost photos since the images are uploaded from the device immediately after they are taken,' it explains.

Despite relying on access to cieTrade's cloud network, the app works without an internet connection; photos stored in the phone's own gallery can be easily re-initialised later. The app is also suitable for iPads and iPods.


Contact details:

cieTrade, USA

Phone: +1 203 323 0074