cieTrade unveils new business app

United States: Global business management software supplier cieTrade has unveiled a new mobile reporting app called cieMobile. Provided exclusively for the benefit of companies already using its namesake software, cieMobile offers real-time access to detailed account information and key management reports from any Apple mobile device.

According to David Haber, president of cieTrade Systems, the new app 'helps to increase productivity and improve customer service including access to account contact details, open receivables, shipments, adjustments, orders status and more'. Furthermore, it can make phone calls, provide driving directions and send email messages directly from the app's account list.

For managers and stakeholders, cieMobile also offers a dashboard with 'high-level reports', including latest information on, for example, revenue, purchases, tonnage trends and open shipments.

The company is also behind ciePhoto which combines mobile photography with an integrated database containing a range of export information.


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