Lorax opens up next compliance chapter

‘Environmental compliance continues to be a crucial issue for manufacturers around the world,’ asserts Lorax Compliance. For this reason, the UK company is releasing cloud-based software to enable companies to comply more easily with global extended producer responsibility (EPR) regulations and to meet their reporting obligations.

The system is spearheaded by industry leader Graham Margetson, who offers the software as a Service (SaaS) solution for worldwide waste recycling regulations covering packaging, batteries and waste electrical/electronic equipment (WEEE). The software 'fully automates' the compliance processes of global fee calculation and mandatory reporting, easing and simplifying the process of legislation compliance.

'Businesses can also take advantage of our unique pay-as-you-go system and flexible fee structure,' Margetson adds. The software is accessible on a range of devices, including tablets. Essentially, the system delivers immediate, up-to-date global information and notifications to companies on pending and upcoming regulatory changes.

'Utilising cloud technology via Amazon's web services, Lorax ensures clients can access the software when and wherever needed,' the company notes.  'We've already amassed a wide range of global clients even prior to launch,' Margetson states. 'This demonstrates we are delivering to the market a solution that not only incorporates the latest IT infrastructure and licensing model but is also able to meet their compliance needs.'

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