Recycling in the USA: Zero waste grants and e-scrap bankruptcy

United States: Here are the latest industry developments in North America, courtesy of our content partner Resource Recycling.

A member of the US House of Representatives introduced a bill that would generate $100 million in grants for zero waste efforts across the country. Recycling advocates and groups applauded the action, even though the legislation faces an uphill battle for approval.

A unique collaboration between a beer company and other entities is helping keep glass bottles out of the trash stream in Kansas City. In many U.S. communities, glass has become a difficult material to recycle because of widespread adoption of single-stream collection, in which bottles often break and contaminate other recyclable materials.

A study of plastic bag disposal in Austin, Texas has revealed some interesting findings about the consequences of bag bans. The study found the ban has helped reduce litter, but the thicker bags that stores have started using since the ban went into place do not seem to be reused as often as intended.

A Michigan-based electronics recycling company that has specialised in flat-panel display TV processing abruptly closed its doors and filed for bankruptcy. The firm, 3S International, utilised equipment from Switzerland-based Blubox Trading.

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