Surge in UK's steel packaging recycling

United Kingdom: A total of 119 556 tonnes worth of steel packaging was recycled in the UK during the second quarter of the year, according to a recent report by the Environment Agency. The figure is up from 94 785 tonnes achieved in the first quarter of 2016.

The provisional data suggests that 58.7% of the total steel demand for 2016 has already been met, partly because the sector was boosted by strong exports. In fact, the figures haven’t been as high since 2008. For the most part, results for other materials met market analyst expectations. Plastics packaging recycling rose to 259 409 tonnes compared to 246 427 tonnes (meeting 52.4% of annual demand); while aluminium packaging recycling dipped a little from 22 602 to 22 156 tonnes (53.9%).

AS for paper and glass, the report says a total of 925 210 tonnes and 397 225 tonnes respectively were recycled during the second quarter.

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